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Best Alcohol for Ulcers

stomach ulcersFirst, how do you know you have ulcers? Remember, I’m no doctor, but if you think you have an ulcer going on, and the symptoms you’ve found online line up with you, after getting checked by a medical professional, you should start a treatment to heal those harmful babies.

Stomach ulcers. They’re most likely caused from worry and alcohol, according to the online community. But still, I get the question, “which is the Best Alcohol for Ulcers, Dave?”

Here’s what I can tell you:

Dry wines

Note that list? No sugars, right? It’s a killer for ulcers, so they say.

Drink tons of water before and after that drink. And I would probably have eaten something before indulging. That way your stomach is more prepared.

Sleep after you drink. Why? The body does most of its work while we sleep. And when you drink, there is plenty for the body to do: Detox!

Here’s what to stay away from:

Other fermented drinks
Liqueur (remember…sugars!)
Any wines that are sweet!

Remember that I’m no doctor, and what I do is listen to my body. You’ll know what is good and what is not so good. And if you have pain, see a medical professional to find the cause of the pain (not to mask it with medication.)

What is your experience with the best alcohol for ulcers? Have you had something that worked for you? Comment below.