Tiger Woods, Augusta, The Masters 2012 Odds and The Golf Channel

Overlooking the August, Georgia location of the MastersDid I exclude anything? I certainly hope not. It’s time for the https://www.boomtownbingo.com/ in Augusta, Georgia, and the people who didn’t win the Mega Cash lottery drawing are wondering the Masters 2012 Odds. What are they and how can you make money from betting on them?

Listen: Tiger is looked at to win but I’m tellin’ ya… Rory Mcllroy and Phil Mickelson are gonna be right behind him. Tiger is the favorite as of now.

Yes, it could be a total surprise come Sunday. We could be seeing things differently – but if you’re wagering – and I don’t think you should, Tiger has won FOUR Masters and gosh, doesn’t he ALWAYS finish in the top six?

Remember his last win was in 2005. Crazy!! That was 7 years ago!!

Nevertheless, the odds via Bovada are at 4/1 for Tiger Woods.

Other odds for players have Rory McIiroy at 5-1, Phil Mickelson at 10-1 and Luke Donald at 15-1. So there you go. You may do well, but chances are, you shouldn’t be playing anyway.

I don’t bet, but here is the place to find the odds if you must have them:


That is all for now. Don’t spend what you don’t have.

Enjoy your weekend.

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