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Can’t Access WiFi with iOS on iPhone with Netgear WGT624v3 (Fix)

I’ve spent a few hours on this and finally found a solution if you upgraded to iOS 6 and can no longer connect to your Netgear WiFi router, particularly WGT624v3.

You need to downgrade to an earlier software release for the Netgear Router. I was using V2.0.26…. and that will not work with iOS 6, and I’m not really sure why.

However, an earlier version of the software, V2.0.21… will work and you’ll have your WiFi back.

Here is where you download that earlier version:


Look in the Firmware/Software box at the right and on the very bottom of the list you will see the 2.0.21 version. Download it and unzip it.

Log into your router and under maintenance, perform a Router Upgrade. Let it go through the upgrade and you’re all set.

On another note, if you feel it is time to upgrade that old router with something awesome, here is the very best deal on the Internet as of this writing:

The N series is the latest and greatest and this thing will ship in the USA for around $8.00. That is an amazing deal on a router – and it has great feedback! Hurry… the supply is limited.

OK, am happy my router is working! But still can’t wait to get my new one!

Talk soon,