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Celiac and Whole Foods

wheat crop celiacI’m allergic to wheat gluten, but I’ve found some really cool things about living with it.  Who knows?  I’m thinking someday I’ll be totally free from it.  I really do.

My decision to unplug from the celiac community, i.e. to stay away from forums and lists, may not be your best choice.  I did it because I found it fueled my negative thoughts about the disease, and I know how hard it is for me to keep my mind in a positive state.

I’ve found that celiac affects people differently.  I have yet to found anyone like me. I have dermatitis herpetiformis, and you may have that type of celiac disease, but your reaction to wheat gluten, and the amount you can tolerate is probably different from me.

I find that I can tolerate more when I’m in shape.  That probably makes sense.

Wheat gluten is in a lot of foods but companies are getting much better about listing it on the ingredients that contain it – like modified food starch.  One of the best places I’ve found that lists ingredients well is Whole Foods Market.  Have you been there?

This place is crazy good.  Did you know you can walk to info desk and ask for a person to help you find gluten-free foods.  And not just those obviously marked!  They have lists of foods – just ask for it.

And did you know that the best flour in the world that is totally gluten-free and my “normal” family says tastes better than regular flour – is a brand called Pamelas?  Maybe you knew that, but I stumbled on it at a Wild Oats store a year or so ago.

So check ’em out.  If you don’t have a Whole Foods Market near you, you can order Pamela’s online.