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alligatordaveDave Jackson grew up on the Amazon River in Brazil in the 60’s and 70’s and has been a student of marketing for decades. He currently lives close to the ocean in Naples, FL.

When I was 7 years old, my parents packed up a nice Ford station wagon and drove 24 hours from Detroit, Michigan to Fort Worth, Texas to study whatever it took to become a missionary so they could go where they felt called, the country of Uruguay.

For the next three years we called Arlington, Texas our home, at 902 E Austin St, right behind business on Division St, and then later to the corner of Cooper and West Mitchell, near UT Arlington, where the former Missionary Alliance Campus was (although they were gone in 1964 when we lived there).

During those years, my parents changed their field of calling a few times, based on what they felt God was telling them. At one point it was Peru, later Paraguay, and finally in 1965 they received a plea from missionary Joe Hawkins, asking them to consider working with his family along the upper Amazon River.

My parents had been waiting for this kind of assurance; it felt right and in harmony with what they set their mind to do and plans were made to travel to Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, study the Portuguese language for a year, then head another 500 miles inland to Santa Isabel do Rio Negro on the Negro River to build a house and work among the Brazilian people.

Since there wasn’t a school in the middle of the jungle, well…that part of the jungle, I was sent to school about 10 miles east of Manaus on the Amazon River at a place called Puraquequara. As kids we called it PQQ. Created to serve the tribal missionaries of New Tribes Mission, PQQ had all grades through high school, with a total of 120 kids. Classes were combined, with 4th and 5th graders, etc.

It was extreme fun and adventure, but I was now 500 miles away from my Mom and Dad at 11 years old. I now had “dorm parents” and teachers who would fill in the gap. During the summer we would travel back to the interior and live where our parents worked. This cycle went on until I graduated from high school in 1972.

During high school we made a trip back to the United States for a year where I studied at Sam Houston in Arlington, Texas. Since a kid I loved tinkering and tearing things apart to see how they worked. Everyone in villages miles around our river home would bring me their shortwave radios to fix. So while in the States, I continued a great interest in electronic.

At the same time, my creative side was feed by nurturing a desire to perform. I began an interest in radio and television, especially radio.  I enrolled in the Columbia School of Broadcasting and finished the course while in the States.

I spent the rest of high school at Puraquequara and graduated with four other students, one being my sister, Debbie. I immediately got a job at TV A Critica as afternoon telecine operator, among other things. At the same time I moonlighted at Radio Tropical, the first FM station in Latin America, in Manaus.  I then returned to the United States and lived with my aunt Joann in Southfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. At that time I was submitting demo tapes to all of the radio stations in the area. As destiny would have it, I got a job at a Toys R Us store.

I returned to Brazil, married, and returned to Southfield. Many jobs later I snagged my first broadcasting job in Arlington, Texas at KWJS. While working at that station, I began developing radio programs for syndication and got my first program on the air called Dave Jackson’s Coast to Coast, counting down the top 10 songs of the day.

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