Longevity: How to Live to be 100

by Dave Jackson
Longevity - Living past 100.

I feel I’m an expert at longevity.

What are my credentials? I don’t have a diploma in medicine, am not a doctor – so this isn’t medical advice. But two things in my favor are the keen ability to filter when I’m exposed to someone’s opinion or report, and the ability to listen to my body.

Today I woke up in thought. Maybe even “deep” thought. I pondered as to why I was letting thoughts about not having more clients at my marketing agency, stress me, rush me to move without direction?

Yes, I’m familiar with the analogy that a rocket cannot be guided unless it is in motion, but I knew in my spirit that I needed to get to a place where I could launch (whatever) knowing I had everything I needed at the moment (meaning, other things could be acquired along the way).

Once you leave the shore, you best have what you need for your journey, no matter how short. When you can concentrate more on the journey and less on “did I bring everything I will need?” the results will be much more rewarding.

So, why is it important to have these two advantages (acquisition of knowledge and being aware of feedback from the body)? The keystone of longevity lies in the ability to nurture the body properly and to keep things that damage the body away. The most damaging in this century is stress.

When you can remove stress, all of the other work needed to keep the body alive comes easier.

So I stopped stressing about potential customers. If they want to come aboard, it’s up to them. I can’t do more than provide a solution. Stress does not solve anything.

There is a natural desire to grow.

Stress is not that natural desire. Growing is not effortless, but it is a natural progression; it feels right. It can be painful, but you think of it as worth the effort.

And as for listening to my body, just what does that mean? It means when you’ve had three cups of coffee and you think you want another, your body at the same time might be sending you feelings of nervousness, twitching. A little too much caffeine for it to handle.

Longevity - Living past 100.You’ll also know if you’ve walked too much, too little, ate too much, or not enough. These are simple signs the body sends to you. Like acid reflux from drinking too much alcohol. Or a consistent full feeling after you’ve consumed large quantities of gluten. Just listen and learn. Your body is very good at signaling you what is perfect for it.

There are more ways to be calm, stress-free, and ways to live in very good health. Do you have any tips that you have acquired that help you through life, and may help you live longer?

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