What is Curcumin Used For?

by Dave Jackson

Off traveling again and one of the flight attendants started talking about curcumin. What the heck is curcumin?

Here’s what I found out; oh yeah, you know I dive in to find out everything I can when I hear about something cool.

Curcumin is an active compound derived from the Indian spice turmeric. I found that it’s been widely acclaimed for its diverse health promoting effects on nearly every organ in your body. And it also supports the body’s natural inflammatory response system. At my age in the late 50’s, anything that is natural and lessens inflammation is interesting.

But I found a problem: curcumin isn’t well absorbed and doesn’t stay long in the blood system. Oh well. Wait! There are companies that have figured out how to make it more bio available. So that problem is solved.

Look for curcumin that has tumerones. I found when they extract curcumin from tumeric, what remains is a tumeric oil rich in compounds called tumerones. This makes the curcumin better absorbed.

Look for a curcumin supplement that contains ginger. Why? They are close botanical relatives. Research has shown they have overlapping and complementary health benefits.

And there you go.

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