How to Cure Celiac

by Dave Jackson

When I was diagnosed with Celiac I was not interested in what medicine would help me. I don’t agree with the whole notion of disease care. What I mean is you taking a medicine of some sort to ease the manifestation of the disease.

Disease is the body trying to save itself. It’s not something that strikes us from some evil place. In my observation we spend more time thinking about how to care for the disease and stop it, maybe reverse it, than we do about where it came from and why.

Don’t you want to know WHY you got Celiac?

Some diseases aren’t our fault. In other words, because our parents and probably their parents ate so horribly (read: bad diet) they developed bad traits and passed them onto us and “bad genes.” But now we’ve learned that bad genes are not permanent, and we caused them in the first place.

I do believe Celiac can be cured. And it isn’t in a pill. It’s all back to diet and lifestyle. Get the body in a state where it can work the way it should, and it heals itself. Agree?

Instead, our bodies are overloaded with so much to process, both mentally and in our diets, that survival instead of healing is the most important issue. Ever wonder why people who check themselves into clinics somehow have miraculous healing or cures?

Do you think it can be done? Do you think this way is too simplistic? What am I overlooking? Have you had a cure?

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Henry May 19, 2012 - 5:24 pm

As a Celiac, do you trust our Medical researchers do the job to “leave no stone unturned” going after the cure?
They are not and you’ll be surprised why.

Our agency, Lux Research has a new treatment for Celiac Disease.
The success in treating Celiac disease has lead us to treat other gluten related diseases such as Hidradenitis suppurativa,
gluten allergy , gluten Ataxia and gluten intolerance ailments.
This treatment works because it lowers Gluten Antibodies – Immunoglobin M, Immunoglobin G and
Immunoglobin E ( the last one causes allergy).
We use the discoveries, knowledge and advances collected
from several Modern Medical Researches.

But our biggest problem is not that it cures.
Because the Modern Medicine and their research has been unsuccessful, they have made the Claim that there is
no cure for Celiac disease and all other gluten related diseases. But that is not true.
Their failure is actually because they have found the way to solve the problem but they are not pursuing
that path – NOT trying ALL the options available to really fix the problem because of a technicality.

The claim that there is no cure has banned us from many forums and the result is there are not many subjects for our trials.
We need a good number of cured cases to really prove to the world and the Medical community that there really
is a cure for Celiac and gluten diseases.
The treatment is free. This is a win-win situation.

The full explanation & info can be viewed at:

If the above url does not work, copy and paste it in a new window.

Lux Research is a division of Lux Health Resources.


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