How to tell if Eggs are Bad

by Dave Jackson
Bad egg test

I have traveled away from home since 1998, away for four or five days at a time. When I return, I want to know how to tell if eggs are bad that I have cooked or stored in my refrigerator. So here’s the quick answer:

  1. The most important test for RAW eggs:

Grab a bowl of cold water, add ice if you can, and place the egg in the water.
– If it is fresh, it will drop to the bottom with no bouncing.
– If it isn’t fresh, (or bad), it will bounce and may even float in the ice water.

2. For COOKED eggs:

Here, you simply have to open them and smell them. A good egg smells good. No funny smell at all.
– They say you should only store cooked eggs for seven (7) days.

Store eggs in the coldest part of the refrigerator: deep inside – NOT THE DOOR!

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