How to Use Protein to Lose Weight

by Dave Jackson


If you ingest 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up you will lose weight. Do this for 30 days without fail and if you are not a glutton for your other meals and you get some exercise (nothing crazy), you will lose weight and have more energy.

If you exercise, ingest 30 grams one hour before your workout and another 30 within 30 minutes of finishing. This includes jogging and workouts at the gym.

Warning: if you’ve never experienced a high protein diet you’re in for a little surprise. Some interesting things can happen in your digestive system as you begin. Most people experience tummy aches if they jump from zero to 30 grams. And protein can have a laxative effect – but only until your body gets used to the higher levels. So don’t give up if you experience any of these symptoms. Simply go slow and start at a lower dosage of protein. Garcinia cambogia supplements have many health benefits and are also anouther great way to help you lose weight.

Ok, so what are some good sources of proteins? Eggs! Cheese! Meats like chicken and good cuts of beef. But check package labels. You want low carbs and sugars and high protein. Another good diet choice is the

30 days! You can start first thing in the morning!!

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