What Natural Deodorant Works and Does Aluminum Chlorohydrate cause Cancer?

by Dave Jackson

I wonder what is the best natural deodorant? Do I have to ditch my wonderfully smelling anti-perspirant? I mean, my Old Spice I’m using now seems to work really well and makes me feel confident (because I’m not smelly and sweating.)

Natural deodorants don’t stop sweating. But I’m thinking they have to be better for me because they contain less chemicals and they allow the body to function naturally (i.e. – sweat!) So, I was listening to a program about natural makeup (from a person who has no product to peddle) and the lady spoke about how close our lymph glands under our arms are to the aluminum chlorohydrate that we put there with antiperspirants.

When I Google something like this, as I thought, I get a few sites from the government telling me how safe using aluminum is on my body and there are a couple of other places, like www.cancer.org that debunk the studies done on women who may have contracted breast cancer from continual use of antipersperants containing aluminum. Even Snopes.com has an entry because someone was circulating an email that said one causes the other.

I’m not here to say one way or the other, but for me, I will go with what I feel is the safest. I know just using common sense that clogging your pores probably isn’t the best option. But most of us go that route. And rubbing aluminum over my body doesn’t sound too smart, either. It’s not a mineral we want in us… at least I don’t. Wasn’t it linked to Alzheimer’s?

Okay, so what is safe? I believe the deodorant salt stick called potassium alum is useful and pretty much harmless. Does it work well? Hmmmm, if you don’t pig out on smelly foods, which come out in your pores, yes – it works pretty well. You will still sweat. Aluminum chlorohydrate stops that.

And does that aluminum chlorohydrate cause cancer? I don’t know. Studies have been done that show when using antiperspirants, aluminum chlorohydrate gets into the tissue. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21337589

Let me hear your thoughts!

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