Should We Eat Meat?

by Dave Jackson

I’m confused. Not really. But many people I hang out with are. I do eat meat, the kind that comes from cattle, but not everyday. In fact, probably once a month. Today I ate a bit of turkey – the sliced deli kind, in a wrap. But normally I’m a vegetarian.

The reason I ask the question about eating meat is because some say that the Bible says we “can” or that they “did in the Bible” so it’s OK, in fact, “Biblical.”

Why wouldn’t I eat meat?

I’m not paranoid, and I don’t stress out over this. But l noticed that eating red meat increases my chance of activating cancer. And I don’t want to do that. Yes, it tastes great right off the grill, but I think it’s hard on our system.

And what does “activating cancer” mean, anyway?

This is a new thinking I learned last week and I want to share it with you. It’s a concept that we all have cancer cells and we go through life exposing our earthly bodies to things that may trigger these¬†existent cancer cells and make them begin to flourish. Why invite trouble, right?

If there’s a connection between red meat and getting cancer, even if the Bible says it’s fine, why eat it?

Porterhouse SteakAnother thought I have is that the beef in Bible times can’t be compared to the beef we eat today. I’m not sure of it, but the way beef is industrialized to feed millions with hamburgers, I’m fairly sure it is loaded with things they never knew about in the Bible. So maybe the meat they refer to in the Bible doesn’t even exist today.

And maybe meat meant food.

What are your thoughts? I don’t think we should eat a lot of meat. And I abide by that thinking. But every month or so we will buy some steaks at Costco or Whole Foods and grill them up.

The way we’re headed with our raw food diet, those days are probably numbered as well. It’s a good thing because we’re teaching people how to eat better and how to use food to heal their health challenges. I’ve seen some good improvement in my hyperthyroid and celiac. And I am confident a totally raw diet of the right foods could help just about any disease.

Given the right things, the body can do an amazing job of healing itself.

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