The Manager at GNC Can Change Your Life

by Dave Jackson
Drinking branched chained amino acids

Two things on my list, whey protein isolate and Muscletech Phospha Muscle. I walked into the Vitamin Shoppe here in Naples, Florida and found they had the Phospha Muscle, but did not have Iso 100, whey protein in vanilla flavor, on the shelf.

What upset me was that the young sales girl who was unboxing their latest shipment (they could do this before customers arrive – I arrived at 11 AM and boxes everywhere!), said she had NO CLUE what had come in the latest shipment and that GNC also carried Iso 100.

While I appreciated the tip to shop the competitor, her attitude caused me to rethink driving 14 miles one way to this store.

And Jason at GNC took the time and effort to gain me as a customer MATCHING the Vitamin Shoppe’s prices. He even had the newer version of MuscleTech’s Phospha Muscle.

Jason from GNC went on to share more information about how to maximize muscle gain if you’re a running. It’s impossible to bulk if you’re heavy into aerobic exercise. You have to set one goal – to be bulked up and muscular, or toned and run marathons.

I also found that there is new thinking about drinking Branched Chained Amino Acids throughout the day. The study is here, and you can buy the amino acids that Jason recommends, here.

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