The Pharmacist – Netflix – Who is at Fault?

by David Jackson
The Pharmacist Netflix

The guy goes after big pharma, because he needed to do something to help him deal with losing his son, I guess instead of accepting things, he decided that some kind of misplaced vengeance would make him feel warm and fuzzy, so that his son’s life of drugs and crime wouldn’t be seen as a waste and he could finally have a reason to be proud. I haven’t seen this but it sounds like propaganda released at a very strategic time, right before elections in which Pharmaceutical companies are taking a lot of heat for an issue they aren’t necessarily fully responsible for. This is just going to make the problem of placing fault on them by the uninformed public and the lazy reporter of the media even greater and be a great way at convincing everyone that regulated business running under government guidelines needs even tighter control.

A great David Vs Goliath story. Everyone loves when the little guy beats the big corporate monster.

There’s a few issues I see here.

  1. Tighter regulation on opioid prescription pain medication will absolutely guarantee a terrible and painful future for us as we get older and the dtugs that work, we now can not get without a lot of time spent and red tape. We’ll need multiple doctors visits, we will be given lower dose, lower unit meds after surgeries, terminal patients will not be able to die pain free. If we demonize pain medication, be prepared to live a future of pain and suffering. But Hey! We’re saving lives right?!

Not exactly. By suing these companies and creating additional fear amongst Doctors to prescribe and have their license revoked when the lynch mob comes marching, A good percentage of patients will find relief from friends and family, getting their medications outside the pharmacy. The problem with this is a majority of street pharmaceuticals are very good counterfeits and contain fentanyl or its analogs. Or patients source from multiple prescription holding family and friends.

So going after Big Pharma doesn’t save many and certainly doesn’t fix the problem of pain or its relief.

The other thing patients will do is if in finding it to difficult to, or they are unwilling to source illegally, they Die. Pain kills. Either by suicide or the body just gives up at some point.

Who wins in this war on big pharma and pain meds?

We should be focusing on fentanyl, the killer here. People who are looking to feel good are going to abuse pills. We cant stop that. We can educate and prevent accidents.

Our long war on drugs here in the states and the subsequent propaganda, come on 80s & 90s kids! Remember Red Ribbon, Just Say No, Snitching on your friends and parents! This propaganda has skewed our view, nothing is black and white.

I’m tired so sorry if I miss some things or it makes little sense.

Why aren’t we suing Big Alcohol? suing car companies? Tylenol? Pitbull breeders?

All products that have the potential to be misused and lead to death.

Pharma was hyping the benefits and shrugging off the addiction potential? I’ve seen all pharmaceutical tv commercials do that, Alcohol does that on tv as well, All food companies do as well. It’s called advertising…..

Doctors are trusted and paid to research and use their education to make an informed decision in prescribing medicine for pharmacies to sell.

Ah, so who screwed up here? Lazy, ill educated doctors and the American public.

Under-educated doctors over-prescribed pain meds and lazy doctors just wanted the payouts and perks. They didn’t care about warning signs, or doctor shopping. The health of the patient wasn’t their concern. That’s why we are told to get a second opinion, the final say and responsibility for what we put in our bodies is on us. We never should have had this mindset of fully unquestionable trust in our doctors. Similar to the unquestionable trust we give the police that frequently blows up in our faves. Respect and learn. But in a free country we have a fundamental right to question!

The prescriptions of pain medication has gone down over the years (and I’m sorry for the people who have had to suffer under the new anti-drug fear campaign) and yet the overdose deaths from “opioids” has increased.

Pain medication isn’t the culprit.

Suing and tightening regulations causes cost to rise and access to drop.
As we get older are we prepared to live in increasing pain that we are severely limited in finding relief for?

Everyone has different opinions and stories. But for me personally, this documentary series is like going after the NRA after a school shooting. Makes great dramatic stories for the media, pitting two extreme opposites of a dilemma in a David Vs Goliath battle to save humanity from itself has built.

I’ll source some stuff, if any of you would like to research a bit before accepting that pharmaceutical companies knowingly used deceptive practices to intentionally kill people.

And yeah… Take responsibility. Take responsibility for taking that extra pill, extra drink, for pulling the trigger, for everything you have control over. Be responsible. And if you want that extra buzz, then realize it comes with extra risk.

I’m sorry this happened to this guy’s son, but his son made bad decisions that put not only himself but the community at risk. I wonder if the father had put as much effort into helping his son fight his addiction while he was alive, that he has put into his book, documentary and overall fight against pain meds and pharma, if the son would still be here and be a productive person we could be proud of.

I’m glad he’s trying to help some people but I fear he isn’t realizing the dangerous painful medical catastrophe he is setting up for the future.

“…physicians trained at the lowest ranked US medical schools prescribe nearly three times as many opioids per year as physicians trained at the top medical school. This striking inverse relationship reflects two factors: (1) physicians from lower ranked medical schools are more likely to write any opioid prescriptions; and (2) conditional on being an opioid prescriber, physicians for lower ranked medical schools write more opioid…

I should have added. Stop sharing meds that you didn’t finish or whatever with people that you feel have the potential to abuse them or limit what you give them. Don’t sell your personal prescriptions. Track and manage quantity of your personal pain meds.

I think it’s something like 50% of addicts get their pain pills from friends and family for free. Or let me correct that, that is how they start once their legitimate use prescription runs out.

So it’s our faults also and we need to be aware and accept the responsibility of that.

Did this Dad ever have pain pills at home that he unintentionally left his son easy access to?

I mean when we think about things like this, we can find fault in many persons and instances. What does that accomplish? Accountability?
The damage is still done.

I’ll watch this because I’m interested in what he plans on accomplishing? How does he see his result benefiting society? Does he have blinders on? Is he considering the impact of his fight on the medical industry as a whole? On society and legitimate patients that deserve a pain-managed life?

Guess we’ll see.

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