The Sugar is Killing Me

by Dave Jackson

Spoonful of SugarI don’t care how you put it, sugar in almost any form does a number on my body. And maybe you’re not at the point with your system (body, organism) where high sugar content makes you “feel” different, but I can almost guarantee that long term it is doing something negative.

So why did God make it taste so good and why is it so hard to stop eating it?

Honestly, I think that if we didn’t have the challenges of doing right, making the right choices, we’d never grow spiritually. So the sugar thing is just one more choice, even though it’s a real hard one.

At first I thought, OK, I’ll Google a few resources to back up my claim that sugar is killing me, but then I thought that this is one thing you already know and simply choose not to think about much. So Google away if you want, just be aware of the source. The Sugar industry is not in business to make you healthier, and is not responsible for taking care of you.

Here’s what I do and suggest to people who ask.

We have a bad habit of not listening. We have people talking around us, to us, right at us, and we’re not “really” listening. I know I find my mind drifting off easily if I am not disciplined about listening. Listening is hearing what is being said and then questioning in your mind what is that person or thing trying to tell me?

Your body talks. You’ve heard that and you know where I’m going with this. When you eat, you almost immediately “feel” different. You can either choose to let your mind wander off, or you can question in your mind what your body is trying to tell you.

Some people (I did at one time and it’s a pretty cool exercise) keep diet diaries. This is good because we simply forget about 80% of things we don’t take time to note. So we eat again and the effect or feeling becomes part of the exercise. In other words, we almost expect to feel a certain way when we eat a certain food. And we don’t care why, we don’t know why.

When you feel sluggish or weird or light headed, that is not normal. It normally means, according to the dozens of health gurus and publications I’ve read (again, Google it if you want the references – OK, just this once – click Science Daily) that the body is using up tons of energy to fight and process what you’ve introduced.

Next time you eat, take time to listen to your body. Is your stomach bloated? Is your mind clear or fuzzy? Is your energy level high or low? These are just a few of the things you can feel almost immediately.

Of course the goal in all of this is to feel good and have a very clear mind, unless you decide that’s not for you. Become aware that almost all of vitality comes from diet and living and feeling great from a clean diet.

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Now that I’ve made you feel guilty about your diet, go make yourself a cup of tea and think about how you can make the decision to treat your body better while here on this planet. You were given this body because Someone trusted you enough and knew you had the potential to do greatness. If fact, the very fact that you are reading this is proof that God wants you alive! So let’s live well together, OK?

Till next time,

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Kim December 4, 2015 - 7:43 pm

I am the same way. Immediately after I eat sugar I can feel every break in my body. Everywhere I have broken a bone or hurt myself burns. The pain is excruciating. My abdomen burns as well and my mind acts manic. I have crazy thoughts and I am quick to anger. For Thanksgiving I ate a bag of chocolate covered popcorn and 4 raspberry shortcake cookies. This put me in the emergency room with a migraine. It was the worst thing ever. I went from no sugar to sugar overdose and it felt like death. While I was sick over the holiday weekend I watched the documentary “Sugar man”. It explained what sugar does to the system and the maker of the film went on a diet of sugary foods “Marked healthy” and he put on 30+ pounds. I literally have not eaten it since that day. My head is clear so far so good. I hope I never feel that bad ever again and I hope I can keep this promise to myself.


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