What Strange Diet Do You Follow?

by Dave Jackson

I think it’s so cool to hear what things other people do as a health regimen. Most of these are from things we read, or have heard. And many have been very helpful while others didn’t help so much.

Once, when running into Publix, our local supermarket, I ran into an old friend named John. He’s a talker, so I immediately told him I had to rush. (I really did.) But one thing he told me as I grabbed a cart and headed into the story was, “Take a look at Cell Food!”

I did. And it’s part of my daily regimen. Google Cell Food and see if it’s for you. I haven’t felt anything really immediately special, but the research is crazy interesting.

Wheatgrass trayI grow my own wheat grass and juice it daily. I believe it helps me. Interested in how I do this? I could shoot some videos and share. It’s not really hard and the benefits are great (I believe.)

I drink a protein shake in the morning, with some sort of green something in it – powder or liquid. To me, that’s my regimen.

So what about you? Do you do anything different than the standard American diet? What?  Please comment below – let’s hear…

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