Amazing Mental Powers You Have

by Dave Jackson

Let me share a secret with you about the power of your mind.  You probably don’t know it – but you possess God given power that you’re not tapping into. I’ll share formulas and you try them out and tell me if it’s a bunch of hogwash, or if there is really something to it and it worked for you. Simply leave your testimony below in the comments. After all, it’s just me and you.

Choose to Use Your Power

Choice is what is in operation here. But getting yourself to be “OK” with the choice you will make is a battle of the mind you may find yourself spending much time with. It really depends on how you were raised (influences) and how open to new things you are right now.

By choice you can have more power, more wealth, more happiness, more health, more delight by accessing your subconscious mind. And this isn’t something I’m going to sell you; you already have it. But through my writings I am going to show you how to use it. And you’ll want to know how to use it so you can apply it in the areas of your life where you need it.

If you want, I can show you how to use this to get almost anything you can imagine. I know – you may be doubting already. But try some of the formulas I suggest and see if they work. To keep up with what I write here, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter because I’ll let you know when I write here and you’ll have it and can print it out.

Simple Techniques You Can Use

Follow these simple techniques and you will know how to access your subconscious powers. It will probably, finally bring hope to you and generate within you new strength as you begin to see your dreams come true.

Your Decision Now

So it’s your choice to make your life greater, richer, and so much better than before. Within your subconscious mind is infinite wisdom (it’s how we are connected with God) and therefore and infinite supply of everything necessary simply waiting for you to access it. Begin now to see the potentials in your deeper mind and they will manifest themselves in your current world.

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