How Powerful Are Thoughts?

by Dave Jackson

In her latest book, “The Power”, The Secret author Rhonda Byrne makes a simple statement: Spend more time thinking about what you want to happen, than what you don’t want to happen and what you want to happen will manifest.

Sounds like an easy recipe and simple enough to try for yourself to see if it really works.

Another “The Secret” guru, Joe Vitale states in his work, “The Attractor Factor” that when you visualize (thought) what you really want, adding emotion to it, it must come to pass if you believe it will.

Vitale says the “with emotion” part is where most everyone misses the boat. We remember things and they become much more powerful in our lives when we are thrust through something emotional. Just think about that; it’s true.

Anthony Robbins states in his seminars which often resemble a rock concert in energy and noise, that the emotion is the glue that anchors the process to your being. So the same would hold true of thoughts: when anchored they have a huge chance sticking with you and manifesting in your life.

In The Secret, they showed a fellow visualizing with a new car. He played like he was in the car, hearing the sounds of the engine, the smell of the new leather.

Again Vitale calls this “Nevillizing,” a term used to describe what Goddard Neville suggested: visualizing with as much emotion as you can. There is no benefit in teaching this – it simply works.

All this to say your thoughts become much more powerful when they are reinforced with powerful emotion. That is the formula and I have had it work in my life. How about you?

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