I Just Wasn’t Destined

by Dave Jackson

I don’t know how, but I missed the Survivor Finale on Sunday. I guess I just thought it would be on Thursday and then that this Sunday would be the finale, but it’s come and gone. Fortunately, (tongue in cheek – I’ll get to that in a minute) it was still on my Dish DVR and I watched the 2 hour final episode along with the live reunion event. Wow, three hours of TV! That’s rare for me.

But I wanted to see who won and how and of course, the beauty of the location they chose for that season. I don’t recommend watching Survivor but I like it for two reasons. Well, three – but I’m working on that third one.

First, I grew up in a location that is similar to most of their locations. I grew up on the Amazon River in Brazil, so the thought of surviving in the jungle appeals to me – mainly to see how they cope. Secondly, you gotta admit the cinematography is pretty downright amazing. They do a great job of making it look like paradise, yet put evil little creatures in the camera frame, like snakes, bats, and spiders.

The third part that I’m working on is that all reality shows, with the exception of The Biggest Loser, and The Amazing Race, tend to bring humans down to their lowest level. And you shouldn’t expose yourself to that – to watching that. It makes your soul feel bad and when you get that feeling, move away – stay away. You know that doesn’t lift you up – but there is something about “us” that makes us want to watch it. Spare yourself.

On the final episode they have the remaining four survivors walk a path with the old torches of the survivor players that have been voted out. It’s an homage to how they played the game. At the same time, there are audio clips of each player saying what they felt messed up their opportunity to win a million dollars.

What was revealing to me, or maybe I’m just more attune to it, was how many times contestants said “I wasn’t destined to win.” Wow, that’s powerful stuff. To believe in destiny is to believe there is a definite path you are on.

I suppose you could look at that two ways – one… that they believe that someone other than themselves controls their path. Or, two – that they control their path. Destiny means path.

In any event, I felt good knowing people are more aware that there even “is” a path in your life. A tapestry that you’re weaving while here on earth in this body.

It’s 1:15 AM and I got to get some rest, but I just have to tell you a couple of things. First, my wife had fallen in love with all things culinary and lately really gotten into raw foods. Say what you may, we’re really learning some cool things about raw foods and how you can right almost every wrong in your body through diet.

Ronco dehydrator review

We borrowed a dehydrator from our neighbor, Anna, who purchased it many moons ago to make treats for her dogs. Well, she never got around to it, and the dogs are gone to heaven and the dehydrator was sitting on the top shelf of her closet for years. Now it’s in our kitchen. But still – we’ve been shopping for one of these.

Today (well, technically yesterday now), a Ronco dehydrator manifested itself out of thin air on my doorstep! Brand new, too! I just absolutely chuckled when I saw it – and when I noticed it was new – well, why not. We’re deserving, no?

Turns out, our other neighbor, Holly, had an extra dehydrator in her garage that she wasn’t using and probably would never use. Never opened. New. On my doorstep. Totally law of attraction.

I am grateful, so grateful for all of my neighbors. They take such good care of us, and each other. That is something truly to cherish and I do.

Well, off to bed. Actually, I’m in bed with my netbook writing this. Soon, pictures of the dehydrator. We’ll shoot a movie or two. And, oh, by the way, I built a seed sprouter. I have to show you that – it’s working great!  OK, more soon. Thanks for reading.

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