It’s OK To Be You

by Dave Jackson

You know what will help you most today?  You finally being you.  You know what that is – no one else does, really.

One of the biggest challenges I see people struggle with is figuring out why they are here.  For the majority, it is following in the footsteps of someone who did a good work.  For others, it’s a daily chore of putting out fires and keeping their head above water so they can face another day.

But for a few who are aware, the challenge is finding out with absolute certainty why God put them here on planet earth.

Do you know?

If someone woke you at 2 AM would you be able to tell them exactly why you’re here?

That’s how sure you must be, according to those who have gone before AND taken the time to journal the journey.  Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill that when you know with absolute certainty you can then better filter things that bombard your consciousness.

Napoleon Hill told this to Earl Nightingale – that you must figure this part of the puzzle out in order to have success.  And Earl Nightingale told this to Bob Proctor, and Bob enthusiastically tells all that they need this key part.

I first heard about it in Think and Grow Rich.  Napoleon Hill tells you to get certain of what you want and write it down and carry it with you.

But I’ve found people are confused on how to know for sure.

For example, they know they have to take care of the basic things for their family – food, water, shelter.  And whatever is left, well, that is when they work on what they’re here for.

But that, according to these “gurus” is putting the cart before the horse.  They say you should be certain first, then the taking care of will happen automatically.

This isn’t to say you should quit your job and go on a quest.  It means you should use that spare time getting this part right so all the other parts of the puzzle, as they come to you, will fit in place.

So how do you know?  What sort of exercise can we do to figure out our mission in life?

These guys tell us that it shouldn’t be a chore for you.  Gary Vaynerchuk says it should be something you’d do even if you never got paid for it, and that you’d gladly do it late into the night and wake up extra early to work at it again.

You know you have to provide, but they’re saying the work you do in exchange for the wages should not be “work” to you.  It should be your passion.

I know that many of us have to temporarily work at something we don’t like until we’re able to “do” our passion.  And you’re probably thinking like I did that if we all do our passion, who’s to do the garbage collection?  The curb building?  The office cleaning?

Did you know there are people who are passionate about doing those things and look forward to it?

And, that as we all become more aware of how to “do” our passion, to be “us”, we naturally cycle through those jobs that we don’t enjoy.  So, they’ll always be people to do them.

Remember, too, that not everyone is aware of even finding their true reason to be here.  So the majority, unfortunately, will be working in those places until they die.

Here’s the exercise to find your passion in life.

OK, for some this will be weird.  I know it was for me, coming from a strict Christian background that taught meditation was from the devil and that the Bible automatically tells you that your role on earth is to simply glorify God.

You need to get somewhere alone where you can meditate.  For me, I found a lake nearby that had a park where I could get off by myself with a composition book.

Then just start writing.  Write all the things you’d love to accomplish.  Put down where you’d like to travel, who you’d like to be with.

Next, put down things you love to do that help others.  What gifts do you have that benefit others?  What are you good at?

Finally, take some time in writing how you would love to live your life if money were no issue. Would you live in the city you’re at now?  What would your day look like?  Would you find ways to help others, or would be the kind of person that funds charities?

Write that down.

See how your purpose is coming to life?  You should feel great about it.  If there is doubt, or a struggle, this means you just need to meditate more and ask God to reveal to you what you should do.

When you have it, you’ll know it.  Crystallize it into a sentence.  Write it down so you can carry it with you.  Memorize it so you’ll know it when someone wakes you at 2 AM.

And now that you know, you’re probably wondering how you will ever be able to live that life of purpose.  Well, you CAN.

If you sign up using the form on the right, you’ll be notified each time I have a new update here.  Because I’m going to walk you through how to live that life.  Deal?

Right now I’m going through Bob Proctor’s – The Success Puzzle.  I’m posting what I learn to both the blog and the list. Tomorrow is the first installment and you don’t want to miss what I’ve learned.  So join me.

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Cristy Vrbka April 2, 2010 - 11:44 am

This post is beyond awesome. I am always wondering what to do and what not to do so I will follow some of these tips.

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