Manifesting Anything

by Dave Jackson
My Honda Lawn Mower

I’m mowing the backyard and the neighbors lawn service dudes pull up with a trailer, off-load a huge riding mower and what I had taken hours to do, they seemingly buzz-off in moments. And yet, I notice a difference that makes me smile. Mine is better.

In fact, at that moment I dropped the thought of envy I had of the bigger machine. My simple Honda lawn mower cuts a more even, beautiful row of grass and it is a wonderful thing to behold.

When I look at it, it makes me feel good; a sense of accomplishment. I am grateful for the mower and what it does in my hands.

My Honda Lawn Mower

This year has been more than awesome for me in manifesting, everything from wealth to wonderful relationships because in January, while performing my resolution to clean up my home office a bit, I ran across The Secret audio book. And I decided to listen to it. And I learned a few things that I had not the first time I watched or listened to The Secret.

It’s like mom said, every time you read the book you get more out of it. This is because of the mixture of key things in your life that skew or filter what you’re exposed to at any moment. They are:

1. Your thoughts, or your mind/attitude. This is the most powerful because as you learn in The Secret, “thoughts are things.” In other words, they are able to bend your interpretation of things arriving through the senses more than any other thing. You know this to be true simply by your experience of maybe going to a place that would normally be fun and pleasurable when you are feeling bad or hurt. Nothing is interpreted correctly.

2. Spiritual. This has a lot to do with your thoughts, but I am referring more to your relationship with God. It is from Him where all things/power/energy flows and if you are not attuned to that, you will not recognize things intended to assist you and guide you.

3. Physical. We are spiritual beings in a physical body having a physical experience. In the Bible we’re told to take care of this body, yet very, very few do to the extent that it benefits them on a higher level. In other words, we don’t give health priority and then cannot experience things that are enjoyed by those who do not have to worry with the physical. If you’re body is working overtime to take care of the challenges you’re feeding it, you will have a different interpretation of things than if you were less toxic and more fit. Your physical body interferes with the mental/spiritual when allowed. Just try drinking a whole bottle of wine!

All this to say that every time you approach something like The Secret, or even this article, you’re going to see it a little differently. It’s like watching a movie again and getting more from it. You may begin to start to understand why the writer wrote that way; the intent.

In manifesting, getting what you want, which is talked about in The Secret in different ways, is basic, but a challenge for us because we’ve been taught from day one that life rolls on a certain way.

I’m sure you’ve heard the ask, believe, receive recipe for manifesting. James Ray talks about in The Secret the story of the genie and how when you wish, the genie gives you what you ask for.

Because of the simplicity of this, we tend to blow it off, mentally, with a “That’s BS!” And our conscious self nods yes to others in the room watching with us, but deep inside we’re not buying it at all, saying “mom said it takes hard work and smarts to get anything in life. This is crap!”

The disbelief distances us from manifesting.

This article is too short to delve into how the mind and spirit work, but briefly, from what I’ve found, when you suspend disbelief for even a short moment, miracles can happen.

When you ask, it cannot be in desperation. In other words, you cannot come from lack. I know this sounds real crazy, especially when asking for something, but I found this is the way it works. If you have to pay the light bill and ask of God to please help and you’re going to be in the dark if He doesn’t, most likely that prayer won’t be answered in the manner you think. You’re attracting desperation, among other things.

So how can it work, then?

You need to come from somewhere that “would be nice, but not necessary for survival.” Ask other people who study this and they will tell you the same. When you ask, ask for needs and wants, but not out of desperation. That is probably why you’re failing to manifest.

Next, the BS factor.

This is a tough one to overcome because we’re programmed from birth to filter everything through the values of our parents and other relatives, or people we deem significant in our lives. So we take on their ideals and flaws as well. We finally become open-minded when we’ve been through enough hurtful life lessons, normally, mid-life.

Know that believing is dumping your preconceptions and accepting the idea as fact. You can do it, but it comes with practice which means, repetition. Through repetition, the subconscious simply accepts it as fact until you doubt it. You can strengthen the belief by reviewing it and stating it in the future, as if you already have it.

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