by Dave Jackson
Mustard Seed

Since January, I’ve set out on a different course. One that has me revisiting my curiosity behind The Secret and other such publications. Why? Because you and I both know these things work. The power behind our words cannot be denied.

Want to manifest something? That means create something from nothing.

Start small. Ask for it, believe that you’ll receive it (so crucial or it won’t happen) and then act as if you have it, or know you will have it very soon.

Sounds simplistic but that’s it.

Hard parts:

1. Getting past your conscious telling you it’s BS.
2. Believing you can manifest anything.
3. Not acting in faith.

Mustard SeedChrist said if you have faith as big as a grain of mustard seed, you can move mountains.

This means most of us have no faith at all. And for those who have some faith, manifesting happens.

Kids often manifest because they have more faith than we.

New followers of any number of religions manifest things more because of their faith that hasn’t been tainted by doubt.

You need to get certain on the faith part before you can manifest. I’ve given a few clues. One is believing like a child. Christ also mentioned this – to have childlike faith.

Powerful stuff, no?

Want more?

Talk soon,

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Kaye July 31, 2011 - 7:19 am

thanks for posting, I made your picture my profile pic in FB.
God bless you!


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