Overly Thankful

by Dave Jackson

A couple of years ago I was faced with the most dramatic and painful episode of my young life. Bad decisions had opened the door for almost unbearable pain in my daily life. The person I cherished the most in life was being actively pursued by another man and many times I felt helpless, even though the same power that put me in that situation would later lead me out.

As friends and family do, everyone had an antidote for my life. It was beautiful to see the love flow. Yet the biggest lesson I took away from it all was to be grateful for every aspect of my life. It was a huge turning point so much so that I want to share it with you.

You may be going through some trial that seems that it has little purpose and maybe no end. Let me tell you that everything eventually changes. People who made rash decisions based on the worst of circumstances do rethink their positions and want freedom from regret as well. What will liberate you from any situation is to give intense love to it. By this I mean appreciation. Recall all of the reasons this person was at one time, or still is, a beautiful friend. For me, I started one day to list all the reasons I was thankful she was in my life. And I chose to create a new list each thanksgiving. I now have a few hundred reasons why I am so grateful this person is in my life.

At first this may seem very self serving as if you are doing it to gain someone’s attention. In my case this was curtailed in the fact that there was absolutely no reaction at all from the recipient. I received no thank you, no accolades of any sort for my lists. It’s as if they never touched this being.

But you must remember we are doing this for our own liberty. And that’s the beauty of it. Perhaps if she would have shown some reaction, appreciation or acknowledgement, that may have made me seek recognition. Instead, I felt so wonderful inside that I honestly was grateful with no conditions! Try this yourself with whomever you feel is harboring any sort of ill toward you.

Finally, when you awake in the morning, spend time – at least 5 to 10 minutes just being grateful for everything you have. Everything you can think of. Enjoy the moment and let thankfulness flow from your mind and lips. Start this exercise right now if you like and you will immediately feel different. Beauty comes from not only beholding but appreciating as well.

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