Some Stuff You Already Got

by Dave Jackson

I used to think that I was born, grew up and generally had to beg God for the rest. In fact, I’ve lived almost my whole life until now, that way. And most people do. They feel that if there is an issue that needs to be taken care of, they must go elsewhere – God or a doctor or seek advice from some sort of guru.

I’m not against asking God for anything. Just today I spent a considerable amount of time in prayer for a friend. So keep that line of communication open. This is about something else.

If you take time to open your mental eyes you will find an infinite source of riches within you. You can extract everything you need to live a gloriously, joyous, abundant life from this gold mine.

Most people are simply sleeping because they don’t know (as I didn’t) about this wealth of infinite intelligence (think about that) and unending love that is within each of us. If you need anything, you can have it.

When I was a kid, I loved kits. One of my favorites was a kit with all sorts of magnets. One of the magnets was the heavy duty horse shoe magnet. Wow, it was fun! I learned that a magnet will pick up about 12 times its own weight. And if demagnetized, well… you can’t even lift a feather with it.

Thinking of magnetism, imagine with me two types of men. There is one who is greatly magnetized, full of confidence and faith. He knows that he was born to succeed and win in life. On the other hand there is a man who is demagnetized. He is full of fears and really doubts himself. When a wonderful opportunity comes up, he thinks, “Wow, I might fail and lose a ton of money at this. People are gonna laugh at me!”

Demagnetized people don’t get far in life because they fear going forward. They will just stay where they are.

My challenge to you is to become magnetized using the stuff you already have and discover this secret of the ages – your subconscious mind!

Speak to your subconscious – think on good things as the scripture says – and your subconscious (designed by God) will respond.

In my next post, I’m going to talk about the power that you possess. And then give you some ways you can experiment to prove to yourself this actually works.

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