Understanding Ego

by Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson

I’m going through a transformation.

It’s a slow one. And I’m not a fan of slow changes. I like it nice and fast. Get it over with.

But this transformation has deep seated emotions that don’t release easily. One of the toughest is learning how to control ego. At first I thought it was the basic need to feel worthy and more important than almost any situation, but it goes even deeper. Let’s take a look.

Probably the biggest display of ego is how bad I feel when someone offends me. I’ve been “programmed” to allow the behavior of people to immobilize me. And that’s something that of course, makes me less. My ego says the world is wrong; they are wrong. What I should be doing is dropping my care of what others think and instead line myself up with the Creator. I’m not saying to let bad stuff simply “happen” in our lives. These come from massive ego identification. We can combat against that, but at the same time stay in peace. Remember that the Creator is peace; God. And God is in me – I’m a part of Him. I’m of God and not in His will except when I’m in His peace. Offended is destructive.

The next area can be very difficult because we live in a world wrapped tightly around competition. Ego loves to divide you and I as either winners or losers. When I go after winning, I lose conscious contact with intention. The reason I do is because I can’t win all the time and knowing this, that someone out there is probably better than I, and that I will not be the winner, as a human, thoughts of feeling worthless knock on my door.

But I look back on when I won, the competitions I’ve acheived, and now see that I am not my winnings. Ego…I enjoy competing but know that I can think on something else. When we all share and come from the same energy source, there are no losers. When you break it down, I must admit I performed at a certain level when compared to the level of others on that day. And tomorrow will be different with different circumstances.

So if I let go of needing to win by knowing that the opposite of winning isn’t losing. You see, that’s fear straight from my ego.

But if I’m not performing physically on the day of competition, it really doesn’t matter. I can just watch and enjoy it knowing I don’t need to win a trophy. I can be at peace when I match up with that intention.

Another ego streak is having to be right all the time. Feels good, no? Ego is the source of a ton of arguments because it pushes me to making other people feel wrong. Did you know when you’re hostile (arguing), you’re totally disconnected from the power of intention? Read I Corinthians 13. That’s what Spirit is totally – kind, loving, receptive, free of anger, resentment, bitterness.

When I let go of needing to be right when I get into a discussion with someone, or when I’m talking to my spouse, it’s like turning to my ego and saying – I’m not a slave to you any longer. I want kindess and all the I Corinthians 13 in my life and I reject your need to be right. Not only that, I choose to tell the other person they are right and thanking them for pointing me on the right path.

Letting go of my need to be right actually strengthens me. But I know ego won’t give up easily. Haven’t you seen two wonderful people just chopping each other down with their need to be right? What do you want? To be right or to be happy?

Well, I have more I want to talk about on this topic and will continue this later. There is a lot to learn and the subject is one we all struggle with. I started thinking about this subject when listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer speaking on intention. What are your thoughts?

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