Ant Pictures

by Dave Jackson
Black Ant

Black AntGod is a such an awesome Creator. Imagine if you had to create anything. Yet He has integrated many of His principles into the tapestry of nature for the simple reason of being able to show us His handiwork and get to know Him better. Psalms 19:1-6 If you really want to get smart, don’t forget to look outside.

Here in Florida, often the outdoors comes inside. I am sure you’ve struggled with ants in the kitchen or pantry. We had a constant battle with them on the Amazon – well, many times, anyway. It’s not like the house was crawling with them, but they came in and snacked on more than one occasion.

Fire AntI’m pretty sure you wouldn’t call those invaders “wise” – you’d probably call them “determined!” Remember the old rubber tree song? But to the lazy person, God points out these tiny insects as an example of being wise.

I mean, if you think about it, there are so many attributes you and I could assimilate into our lives, no? Preparation, cooperation, perseverance, diligence, unity… more and more. Whoa, hanging around Christians isn’t the only way to acquire wisdom?!! God also asks us to look down at the lowly ant and take a look how He created it to work as a community.

Leaf Cutter AntsHaving grown up in the Amazon I know first hand there is SO much to learn from creation. For example, Jesus tells us to take a look at the birds to tell us not to be anxious. Matthew 6:26 Birds don’t reap grains or plant it. They simply assume their food will be supplied as it always has been.

Listen, the lessons are huge. Take a look at nature and see the the Lord who provides for the birds can…well…pretty much take care of every little detail in your life.

Finally, our search for wisdom should be rooted in the Bible and covered in prayer. Don’t you dare overlook all the lessons right outside your door. They are there for a purpose. Ask God for eyes to see – Mark 8:18. Then, take every chance you can to grow in understanding so your ability to live by His principles will be strong!

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