Balance in Your Life

by Dave Jackson

As humans, we exaggerate. We’re wired that way. It’s OK. And we’re so into it that we’re attracted to it as well. Turn on the TV or radio, read the paper, and you’ll see what I mean. Any advertisement wants to show you why you need bigger.

Even things labeled “good” can become harmful in excess. So where do you draw the line? Common sense tells us most of the rules. But common sense comes last when we seek the short term pleasure these “things” give us.

This is why the help industry is so “big.” We know what balance is, but we are addicted to our vices; small pleasures.

So the takeaway here is to seek help to break unbalance. And it isn’t always real obvious in our lives. When you hear people joking about your “excess” you should take mental notes. Maybe you do have an out of balance situation.

My best advice for balance is to seek God to give you wisdom in the situation. Then move on what He tells you. Discipline requires breaking habits of pleasure that are probably stealing more than you’re really willing to give up.

So pick a day to “excess” and for the remainder of the week live strictly by your new rules. You will see great changes in your life in all areas. And remember that to break these bad habits, you need to replace them with a good habit.

Life isn’t easy, but it can be very rewarding if you’re willing to put effort into it. Balance is one of the best starting places. Make a commitment to change yourself today! You can do this!

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