Are Boxed Wines Any Good?

by Dave Jackson

And the answer is, “of course!”

Wine snobs don’t count and we are not sommeliers, so does it matter if the wine isn’t in a glass bottle and that it cost less than you’re used to paying? I think if the majority of drinkers are us commoners, any comment about the wine being low quality solely because it’s in a box, should be discarded. Why? Because “we” think it’s good – and what counts here?

Yes, there are probably some better nuances from a bottle, but I found two delicious deep tasty wines right at my local Publix (supermarket in the southeast). We have Bota Box ( and Black Box ( Both are decently rated – “just Google it” as mom would say.

So I bought the Black Box which had a $2 off coupon and made it about $19 for three liters – that’s like $6.30 a bottle for yummy Malbec. You can see a full review here. This stuff is really good. The bad (??) part is that it is “too” easy to go over and snag a glass of the stuff when you wouldn’t normally.

My findings: the highest rated wine for the lowest price. And what ya can’t beat is that it stores fresh for days and days because it’s in a bag that no air gets into.

Wine makes you fat, but that’s another post. I’m thinking the alcohols turn to sugars (yikes NSNG). And the poisons in alcohol (which give you the high) probably get stored in your fat cells making you even fatter. Haha, I have to go get another glass. Who’s with me?


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Dennis Jackson (デニス) (@kioken) July 29, 2017 - 12:06 am

Some people have the same reaction when they see a bottle of wine with a screw cap on instead of the terrible cork. Wine is just as good, if not better. We all have different palates and it’s all about what you like. Good read.

Dave Jackson August 11, 2017 - 12:32 pm

More and more of good wines have screw caps. I suppose we see our fair share of wines. Yes, corks will have a place long after I’m gone, but just sayin’ – screw caps doesn’t equal a bad glass. Cheers, Dennis!!


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