Celiac and Thyroid Problems – They’re Related

by Dave Jackson

Dave JacksonWhen I waited for the results of my second blood test to be interpreted by my doctor and good family friend, I snagged two words from her 20 minutes of explanation: “they’re related.” In my case, she was referring to Celiac, an autoimmune disease that boils down to an allergic reaction to wheat and other gluten, and – guess what – Thyroid problems.

For months I was experiencing nervousness. Not quite to the point of shaking, but I had trouble talking and getting my thoughts together. I didn’t stutter, but my whit and smoothness I’d experienced in my over 15 years as a radio talk show host and deejay were gone. I thought I was drinking too much coffee, or that somehow my nerves were getting shot. It wasn’t until I was getting progressively worse with the tremors and heart palpitations that I had to know.

We are a crazy being – but in my mind I thought not knowing would maybe make it go away. Whatever the case, know that when you do find out from blood tests, you can then start on a road to a cure. This is what I did.

My doctor announced, “You have a thyroid problem.” Ah, OK… hmmm? A million and one things run through your mind when you get a diagnosis. My mind didn’t go back to the dentist who caused all the problems in the first place. I hope and pray he’s no longer experimenting on his patients. But it did run through what other things in my lifestyle I might be doing to exasperate my “hyperthyroidism.”

As expected, my doctor had two solutions: use radioiodine to burn the gland (my thyroid) out of commission and take drugs to compensate for the hormones lost for the rest of my life, or – operate and remove the thyroid surgically. I love her and she’d done a ton for my family, but she probably knew me too well to think I’d go along.

I did have a radioisotope scan on a very expensive machine that took an hour or so to take a picture of my thyroid – but it turned out normal with no nodules. So what can I say?

Anyway – no radioactive anything for me – or surgery. God put a thyroid in me and I was determined to find out if others have had success in getting cure. And here’s where the Internet came into play big time. I had found some things that helped me with my celiac. But it turned out I was already acclimated to the diet and I get all the nutrition I need. I don’t care to eat wheat.

However, hyperthyroidism affects a ton of stuff. My TSH levels were non-existent. I had a long road ahead of me. My research took me to a website that was created around the turn of the century… well the year 2000. Here was a fellow that found by much research his hyperthyroidism was caused by a deficiency in minerals. The site is IThyroid.com.

You’ve probably already clicked there, but when you come back here let me tell you my own findings as John’s are scattered and no longer updated. It’s like anything else; when you get success, you rarely go back down the road to the cure. You’d rather be as far from it as possible. So I don’t blame John. Just wish he would assign someone as a caretaker.

I have certain supplements I take that I’ll share in another post – along with the amounts and my thinking on each, with how I feel physically when I take them, and another key ingredient that will blow you away! 🙂 So hang in there and I promise you’re going to love the ending.

Talk soon,

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Extremely interesting post thanks for sharing I just added your blog to my bookmarks and will be back 🙂 By the way this is off subject but I really like your blogs layout.


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