Could it be That Easy?

by Dave Jackson

It’s past 11 PM and I look like I need some sleep, but while I’m writing this, in the background I am rendering (fancy word for converting a video from the movie maker to something I can upload to YouTube) a 3:45 movie about my beaches website.  I’m doing this because after watching a well known marketer pitch his new “system” I put two and two together and had an AhHa moment.

At first I thought, wow – I can use this in some of my businesses – especially one I am really putting a lot of effort in that deals in liquid nutrition.  And the simplicity of it all makes me think that it will probably work.  The reason I chose my travel website first, is because it is well established and was super easy to make a little video about (I’ve been writing content for it since 2005.)

The idea is that video gets ranked very well in Google search.  In other words, when you do a search for how to write a song, you will see that video gets ranked on the first page.  Try this with almost any keyword.  Pretty snazzy, huh.

What’s even better is that a lot less SEO (search engine optimization) goes into your simple video than that page that’s ranking in the top 10.  So I’m excited by the prospects.

I’ll make this first video, and maybe a few on Florida beaches since I’m here, and upload them to YouTube, and then get backlinks to them (important!)  And I’ll let you know the results.  It will work and I’ll tell you how well it worked.  Then you can try it if you want.

What I’m interested in is creating some self-help videos and product related videos that will drive visitors to my business website.  Sounds like something easy enough.

In case you’re wondering, try a few searches for videos on page one of Google, like:

how to make a kite
how to paint a room
planting garlic

You get the idea… these videos, for the most part, are made with cheap cameras and hardly any editing.  So this is something you can do.  Don’t complicate it and use this to get more business to your site and company.

Talk soon,

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