Demons Captured on iOS Camera

by David Jackson
Photograph of Demons

In other news I read 4 days ago and a report from June that the media is just getting a hold of is the camera exploit on android. As usual the media is blowing it out of proportion. The fix was sent in July, and it’s November people. There was potential for an app to control cameras and mic by bypassing permissions or simply requesting unnecessary permissions. There is no word of this exploit actually being used and any victims would have noticed camera opening and being used. Kinda silly to see the frantic headlines that are just click bait and youtube idiots reporting just bits of the story to sensationalize it.

Are there no real journalists anymore? Every nitwit online thinks they are a journalist by creating a blog or freelancing for sites and they think professional journalism is copying and pasting the original article and editing it to give it some excitement or inject their own biased or political views into it.

Always try to follow the source and read the original if you can because the Internet is nothing but trolls pretending to be what they are not and with a penchant for reporting with ulterior motives in order to persuade or influence our views. It’s manipulation plain and simple. Whether they do it to please the site owners or for their own immoral reasoning, sometimes it even seems like a subconscious act, regardless we must remain vigilant and check sources.

I found a blogger who developed an app that uses the camera of the iphone to show you all the demons that surround you. He wrote this long long blog and it was all run on sentences and very hard to follow, but there were links here and there of his sources for the basis of his belief and factual proof of demonic forces torturing us in our sleep . His belief is that sleep paralysis is actually demons attacking us and nightmares are demons torturing us. He says demons are the only thing that can murder us gruesomely and instantly heal us by the time we awake in a sweat!

Anyway, all the links he posted , well he used himself as a source. He just linked other posts of his blog…. Idiot. Graduated from University majoring in Christian studies or something, just another fire and brimstone manipulator. So be wary and trust no one before you can thoroughly vet them.

Wish I could find that blog now lol…

Found it. I didn’t read it all, just one post and I don’t remember which. But his demon photos besides being fake could be some cool artistic photos. He claims he’s a watchOS and apple watch developer but I kinda doubt that.

Some of his pretty crazy “art” . Gotta love how demons are always facing the camera and pose for photos. 🙄

And that is my lesson on why you should always check sources. Thank you for patiently reading and I hope I’ve taught or at the very least amused you somewhat.

Have a wonderful day.

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