Desire Isn’t Enough

by Dave Jackson

I don’t watch much TV, but a couple of shows catch my interest. My son, Kevin, says that TV is more a time-thief than anything else. I agree, so use it wisely.

I know I’ll get a lot of e-mail on these, but here are my shows and reasons I watch:Survivor. I was hooked from the first season for two reasons – I grew up in very similar conditions on the Amazon river in Brazil. So it’s fascinating to watch how these people try to survive under conditions they’ve never faced before.

The second reason I like Survivor is because the scenery is breathtaking.

And if I miss a show, I don’t stress because the most negative thing about the show is that it brings humans down to their lowest level – fighting for a chance to win a million dollars by any way possible.

Okay, the next show is The Apprentice. Now, I’ve heard from friends that this is pure garbage – and you know, they’re probably right. There are many things I could better do with my time. But I always glean something cool from each show.

Last night was SO special when Olympic Gold Medalist Angela was voted off, she shared in the car that she has won Bronze, Silver, and Gold… and she learned a LOT more when she won Bronze and Silver, than when winning the Gold.

Woah – rewind the Tivo. That’s a gem.

And the episode before, the winning team got a dinner date with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped this gem on the team, “America is still a land of opportunity. There is so much opportunity here. The problem with most people is that they are not hungry enough.”

Wow! I hadn’t heard anything that good in a long, long time.

I interviewed Arnold back in the 1979 when he was promoting a book. His dream then was to break into movies. The Incredible Hulk was big that year, but Schwarzenegger was talking major motion pictures. How would he get there? He told me his hunger for success would get him there.

Again, The Apprentice is a show that has people at their lowest and for me it’s a take it or leave it show – there are some brilliant moments on there.

Deal or No Deal is another fun show – but it just shows me how greedy people really are. The same way people lose millions daily in Vegas, people are greedy enough to try one more time, not satisfied with what they have. I don’t come away from Deal or No Deal thinking anything other than I would have stopped at $42,500, and those guys are just too greedy. Last night the lady went home with under $500. Greedy.

The Jackson’s often spend an hour watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. And, yes, it brings tears to my eyes. What a cool idea. That’s one of the things we want to do. Just bless other people in need. Who of you would like to do the same?

I’ve blocked out Disney Channel, Nick, and Cartoon Network. Rachel doesn’t watch those. What do your kids watch? Videos?

So, I’ve shared – tell me what you watch and why. Let’s get to know each other better. Just comment on the blog and I’ll respond.

Make it a great day!

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Jan Philips March 26, 2007 - 1:28 pm

I can relate! And we love Extreme Makeover, too. Our kids are a little bigger than Nick, but there is so much trash on TV…

Brenda March 26, 2007 - 1:38 pm

Hi Dave,

Those are interesting observations. I liked both the comments by Angela and Arnold.

Joe and I don’t watch television, but we do enjoy movies that challenge us, both in our business and in our daily lives. Some of the recent ones are: Amazing Grace – No matter how defeated you feel, as William Wilberforce did after fighting for freedom for the slaves for 15 years and not seeing a change, you always have more left in you, if you truly believe in what you are doing. It was very inspirational! As well, Fighting the Giants and The Ultimate Gift.

I don’t know about others but we find that watching a movie (after thinking about what to watch and going to the video store to rent it) is very intentional. We have made the decision to trade two hours of our precious time for the benefit this movie will bring us. We do not watch TV, and have in fact cancelled our subscription completely, because it becomes a trap. It is easier to sit down and watch it, than spend that time doing what we should be doing. Trying to develop a network marketing business in our non-work hours is hard enough, without the temptation to “just relax for awhile”. Do others feel this way as well?

We really struggle with having enough time – what do others do that are building their business alongside their 9-5 jobs (or more)

I look forward to your site, it has been so helpful!!



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