Dog Whisperer Lessons

by Dave Jackson

It’s just the way we’re wired, I suppose. Trying from birth to figure out what God did and does, and crack open a clue to the big picture. All to later die still wondering if we even scratched the surface.

Dogs are an interesting bunch. Like most animals, they can’t communicate the way you and I communicate – with complexity. Or do they? I find it interesting that God put a barrier between us and most of the animals; well, all of them, I suppose. I don’t know of any species we communicate with as easy as picking up the phone or reading an email.

And in there I believe is a purpose. Something that keeps us separate on a relationship level. Yes, I love when I come home and Ginger jumps all over me to say welcome home. Few strings attached. And if I neglect her for a bit, she doesn’t hold that against me. We don’t connect the way I would with you. If she does have “feelings” of some sort, and I think she does on some level, she doesn’t spend hours wondering if I am going to pet her the next time.

If we could communicate with animals, I’m pretty sure we’d be overwhelmed with the work in keeping up all the relationships. It’s difficult enough with people. Maybe that’s why God made it so they don’t ask 100 questions at the door when we arrive. Remember Dr. Doolittle?

When you do take time to figure out a dog’s feelings, you’ll find that they have similar ones to ours. They can be sad, happy, excited, down. The problem is in the communication. When you spend time figuring out how to “whisper” to a dog, or “dog whispering”, you’ll see that they do respond. Still, it’s a long road and frustrating. We don’t speak their language.

What you CAN do is communicate clearly with humans. Most of us don’t, and should. Some of us feel we do, but really are poor “communicators.” In other words, we get all the words right, we just don’t do a good job of communicating them to others. Case in point is correcting someone. Often we simply put someone down, for the sake of looking better than them, while correcting a mistake.

Other times it is a barrage of words that are hurtful. Remember what Mom said about words. You can’t take them back. Even the Bible says they are worse than weapons. So I guess a course on people skills is in order for most of us.

Before you open your mouth, think about your people skills. Are you going to be hurtful, or helpful – to the point you will be liked? People are people – not animals. You can’t say just anything and not expect to have repercussions. Words are the most powerful things humans have, and yet, sadly, they are most undervalued. People divorce over words.

Be good and we’ll catch up with you next time. It’s late and a friend is coming in the morning to pick up a rare Brazilwood tree in my front yard. And I do want to get some yard work done before it’s 90 degrees F out there. Till nex

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