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by Dave Jackson

Rachel summer 2011

I had a great weekend with my daughter Rachel. While she’s been having her share of friends over for fun, she’s also been a great help around the house. During the past few days I have been working on refocusing my life. I teach that it is vitally important to know your WHY in life because the reason or WHY is that which will drive you toward personal success or keep you from it. It is very easy to get involved in something – a fun trip with friends, a new workout, new job or diet – but unless you have nailed down WHY you’re doing it, chances are you will drop out as soon as the first barrier hits.


You and I need SOMETHING to anchor to that will push us through the times when we wouldn’t normally keep going. For example – let’s say you’re on a new diet and someone invites you and your kids to McDonald’s. You promised you wouldn’t eat fries, but there they are in all of their yummy glory. And with a little ketchup, woah! Irresistible!

But what if your big WHY about changing your diet was so you are healthy and vibrant when your kids are having their kids?

My something and big WHY is to be able to finish off 2011 contributing over $10,000 toward the needy all over the globe. I am wired to be a contributor in life – after spending a week going over my purpose I see that it is helping others, mainly people who are broke and need help figuring out how to break out of their depressed state and get back to a productive and happy life.

I used Facebook this morning to put the word out.

Guaruja trip notes from Facebook

I made that post at 10:30 AM or so and within minutes a friend of mine in Brazil, Jayson Conway, wrote that they could use the help in Guaruja, a city just southeast of greater Sao Paul (the largest city in the Southern and Western Hemispheres; bigger than New York!) As you can read in the exchange, seems like the churches can’t get enough Bibles for the amount of people who want them. Wow, if we could collect all the dusty Bibles here and ship ’em off. I know – I don’t want to judge – but it doesn’t hurt to crack open the good ol’ Book and read at times. I found it exciting that there are people in the world that are actually HUNGRY to read it.

So here is what I want to do.

Initially, I wrote down in my journal that I wanted to make a trip a month to Brazil and carry down clothes that I would buy at Goodwill – take my limit of two suitcases (am thinking that’s 70 lbs a piece, International – so 140 lbs worth of nice clothes for the needy), give everything away at homes I choose when I get there. This has been super successful for me in the past and is a good way to surprise people with something real nice. I felt like Ty Pennington. These people could not be more grateful and it seemed we were led by God to give it to the people in great need. It’s something you don’t forget and this is what I want to do this year.


I am spending my own money on the clothes. I have a way to get to and from Brazil because my wife is a flight attendant with Delta and one of the benefits is the ability to fly on the flights if there are any seats left over. I know God will provide so I am stepping out in faith and going to start getting my Brazilian visa ready and set a date.

Here is where you come in. I thought that it wouldn’t be fair for me to keep all the blessing to me and I knew you’d want to be blessed as well. Jayson mentioned to me that Bibles are $4.00 each and that there is a need. Well, shoot – I spend $4.00 easy on a trip to Starbucks OR checking out books at It’s a tiny price for a life-changing book and I’m excited that there are so many positives – like I don’t have to cart these things to Brazil (haha… that would be HEAVY) and that this is a book that you can’t deny has helped a lot of people. Even if you’re not a church-going Christian, you know how much a Good Book can help someone who is really in need. This is a gift. Wow – just think – you’re going to be helping people you’ll likely never meet and I know somehow, someway this will come back to Bless you!

So here’s the drill. Help me out. I want to take down a load of cash each trip I make – at least once a month – and give this money to Jayson so he can go out and buy a bunch of Bibles and give them to these people who are asking for them. I am using PayPal because it’s super easy and you can use your credit or debit card here, or just donate from your PayPal account.

Remember – I am no ministry and you can’t use this as a legit tax deduction. I’m just taking this down there to help. But please – don’t get all twisted up with that and let it keep you from giving. Go take some clothes to Goodwill, get a donation slip and use that for your tax write off if you need to.

OK – please – give at least $4 for One measly Bible. You know you can and you won’t miss $4. Give more if you can… you know who you are. Hehe… I will keep a total and keep reporting on this so you can see how we’re doing. Have fun with it and bless others in the process. OK, your turn:

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