Exercises for the Mind

by Dave Jackson

How would you like to be so stable, so strong, that nothing could disturb your peace of mind? There are people who achieve that, so is not impossible. I must say, I’m awful close.

A few times, just a few, I want to let my mind wander and stop loving and let some words fly to see if that would change the vibe. As much as I know that doesn’t work, we have been programmed to believe if we let it all out we will feel better.

There is a token of truth in that Gastaltian view, but in letting feelings out we must release and replace with something as powerful.

Anytime you talk about being strong there is thought about how that person got that way, and maybe how they maintain it. We’re all familiar with exercise for strengthening the outer body. The same is true for spiritual things. You need to exercise. Mindset is the muscle and thought patterns are the exercise.

By thinking correctly, that is, not letting the mind wander to negative thought. Believing you will have a great outcome and actually seeing that wonderful outcome in your minds eye, is the critical exercise.

And when done over and over, scientists have now proven that repetitive thought can create new neural pathways which form new habits, new ways of thinking. Instead of letting something mess up your day, you know that you will keep your peace of mind through it. And what is the big takeaway here?

In my experience with the mind, and reading the results of others, when mind is at peace the connection between the mind and the subconscious is far better. Stress, unrest, pain, anger, all disrupt the flow of energy and consequently the connection between the two minds. And I don’t know about you, but I want to stay well connected.

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