by Dave Jackson

Just a note that my blog is going through a major facelift in a way I hope will be more productive for you. In addition, I will be adding a few more categories to accomodate some of my posts that are more related to life, and less related to business.

Instead of creating a new blog, I thought it would useful to put everything under one umbrella.

So, you may see a side of me you may not have experienced!

Just answered the door. A delivery company with a baby bed. Oops… that’s for the neighbors. Their first. Made me think how something like a baby completely changes everything. For the good. I wish them well.

It’s major things that force changes in our lives. Read most success stories and you’ll find that major change took place. They had to change – to make it.

Is that the nudge you need? Maybe you’re not at that point. It’s not a requirement, but it certainly has rocketed many to the top.

Okay… more updates as I add more features here. Let me know what you think.

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Nancy Chin-Wagner January 31, 2007 - 11:03 am

Hi Dave,
Read “FaceLift” and it’s true about what can come up and change our lives. The word you use is “force” us to change our lives. Why is it that we don’t think about before hand? Perhaps it is our “programmed minds” and the values that are instilled in us before birth? Change is good. Challenges are good. We have the potential to make better decisions when we change and take actions to make it happen…before we are forced to.

Your advice and comments on your blog and web site are productive!

ronna February 1, 2007 - 6:41 pm

Wow…I stumbled upon you blog and what a blessing it is! I have truly enjoyed ALL your posts and now am eagerly looking forward to reading MORE. Thank you- you have no idea how you have helped me get over a mental block. Why do we self-inflict such torture on ourselves?
Thanks again!


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