For the NIT Tournament – How to find the NIT Bracket

by Dave Jackson
NIT Tournament ball

NIT Tournament ballI can tell you one thing, this country is obsessed with basketball. And you know by looking down any town street in the nation that basketball means the world to many, starting at a ripe young age.

As teams form and competition gets hot, there is a time of year that is sweet for players and junkies alike.

I’ll have to dig out of my old high school pictures of me practicing ball during our summer away from school.

Almost went crazy that summer trying my best to be in really good shape to play by the time school started back up. We played some great teams and I can remember hitting almost 70% of my shots from the top of the key left hand side. Deadly. I felt like Jerry West.

Welcome to March! It’s time for Basketball!

The NIT Tournament

So what is NIT and how can you find the Bracket to write in all of your winners and losers?

NIT is the National Invitation Tournament and sorry women, it’s a men only affair. Started in 1938, NIT predates the NCAA tournament. You can check on whole history of the NIT, here.

The 2012 NIT Bracket

And now for those looking for the bracket. You can find the NIT Bracket right here.

So fire up the DVR and TiVo; it’s time for some serious basketball!

Let me know what your favorite basketball watching “snack” is and drink, too! Around our home we do everything from chicken wings to popcorn. It’s a huge treat since a few of us actually played basketball in school.

Do a fun thing and get into your team and cheer! Keep the brackets up to date and soon time to celebrate a real winner!

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