Seven Steps to a Great 2007

by Dave Jackson

Hey, Happy New Year!

One of the key lessons in 2006 was letting people blossom in what they do best. There’s a funny story Kim Klaver tells about have a deck of cards and looking for the four aces. Of course, you have to go through the deck to find them. But for some, the greater challenge is letting go of that someone you want to become an ace.

Kim tells us you can’t scratch out a nine of hearts and expect it to become an ace. They aren’t going to be forced.

It’s hard to keep searching for aces, especially when that one you just met had a glimmer of hope. But, all the tell-tale signs are there that show they’re not an ace. They don’t return calls, they don’t plug-in to the system, conference calls, just a few of the “signs”.

So this year – resolve to give them up. There are aces out there waiting for you while you spend your time on the nine of hearts.

Discipline yourself to do what you know you need to do to succeed. Okay – another “tuffy”. Self-discipline is making yourself do what you should when you don’t want to. But, listen – this is how you get on the fast track!

Every top player I know, and I know a bunch, uses this formula, or a variation of it, to get on track and stay on track. You can do this too. Discipline.

1. Decide what you want – exactly what it is you want in each part of your life.

2. Write it down – clear and in detail. (tip of the day!) Always think on paper. A goal that you don’t write down is not a goal at all. It’s just a wish.

3. Set a deadline. This forces your subconscious mind to motivate you to do what is necessary to make your goal come true. If your goal is BIG, set sub-deadlines as well. Please don’t leave this to chance.

4. Make a list of everything you can think of that you’ll have to do to achieve your goal. And when you think of new things – update your list.

5. Organize your list into a plan. Decide what needs to be done first, and second… what is more important and less. Then write out your plan, the same as you’d do for a blueprint for your dream house.

6. Take action on your plan. Do something! On of the best tidbits I learned from Tony Robbins was to never leave a decision without taking a massive plan of action. Zig talks about this, too. Just get going.

7. Do something every day (even today!) that moves you toward your most important goal at the moment. Move forward. Write it down. You’ll be astonished what you can accomplish.

Are you committed? Let me know by commenting.

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