Guard Your Thinking

by Dave Jackson

One of the most common questions I get is, “Dave, how can it be that simple?”

People ask me that because I tell them what they are experiencing in their lives is because of what they are thinking.

No, no – they say – what is the magic wand for getting what I need or what I want?

Crazy as it seems, because it is “easier” than a magic wand, it is harder to wrap our minds around making this work at all. I always say – we aren’t wired that way.

If we can be more childlike in our minds and for as long as possible suspend the doubt, we can move mountains.

Here’s an exercise I want you to do today. If you don’t do this, guess what – I’m not really going to be affected in any way. 🙂

Take out a piece of paper and write down what happened today in the way you would have loved it to come out. In other words, you got 12 sales of your new book and see the money now in your PayPal account. Your song on iTunes was downloaded 23 times! Someone sent you an email asking you to speak at a convention for payment!

Make it great and keep it. You can do this everyday and design the life you really want. The connection between your writing and reality will grow thinner everyday.

I’ve found the place we really need help is in thinking clearly. We need clarity and this applies to those thoughts of doubt. When you write down what happened in your wonderful life you get clear and you “clear out” those negative thoughts and doubts.

Only this way can your mind create life the way you really want it. Remember that God is within you and God is the ultimate creative force.

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