I Hate Waiting

by Dave Jackson

skeleton in doctors office

One of my dislikes is waiting. I don’t know why doctors and dentists can’t make it so you don’t have to wait so long. I truly don’t think they study the customer flow. You can be in that germ filled office for hours before your seen for the doctor for 5 minutes.

Have you ever thought maybe those magazine that you leaf through have been handled by everyone on the planet with some transmittable disease. OK, I know…we have immune systems, no? Am happy here for those antibacterial wipes.

Another place I don’t really like hanging around is the auto or tire shop. Some places seem to deliberately take longer so you feel you’re getting more value.

airport security point people in fig leavesAnd then there is the dreaded airport security check point. These have improved a lot and if you travel any you know it’s more a routine than anything sort of problematic delay. Still, it’s not real fun.

You know your shoes have to come off, and yes, that laptop or netbook still has to be out of the case and ready to be xray’ed. One thing I noticed is that each airport seems to have its own version of what items go in what trays…and which way the bag must go through the xray machine.

internet slowOne other issue that may get to you as much as it does me is an internet connection. This happens mainly at a time when you need it to be quick, like when you’re checking your bank account and you have someone on the phone waiting for an answer. I know, I know – it’s the Lord teaching me patience.

We are so spoiled with lightning fast internet that when we do access something slow it becomes almost painful and we want to help it out. There isn’t much we can do, really. Just watch it like Chinese water torture. (OK, it’s not that bad – still – life is better with faster internet.)

One thing that we MUST learn to wait on is the Lord. And I found that this “waiting” on God is not a passive activity. I mean, He wants us to be active during the wait. Think: pursuing, seeking, engaging, submitting to His Lordship.

He deserves it. He is worthy of this and it’s His will that we go through this “waiting” period so He can lead us.

I can hear you now – yeah, but you don’t know my situation. Still, He wants you to wait on Him for His answer in your life. Become humble and give up control; give up the reins of our life.

He knows you will be fearful in doing so; you’ll want to trust on your own path. It’s natural to have fear – what we allow the fear to do to us is bad. Don’t be ruled by these fears – they will take over. I know I have problems with this all the time.

Read Psalm 27 today – right now if you can – it’s short. And read that last verse. David waited on the Lord. And he says – And I know I am going to see the Lord’s goodness in my life even while I am here on earth. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. Amen?

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