Have you ever done an exercise like this?

by Dave Jackson

We were in one of my very favorite places here in Naples, Florida – the local Costco and after having made a run of the dozens of samples around the store, we got in line to check out with the things we were going to purchase.  Normal line, smiling faces.  That is… until the gal making purchases ahead stopped to find some coupons.

This went on for a minute or so and we simply break into chat when in line, or text, or something productive.  I mean, ya can’t go anywhere – but the fellow ahead of us couldn’t take it anymore.  He turned around and professed, “This happens to me every time I get in line!”

And I couldn’t hold it either – well, almost.  I just wrapped up a brand new study on the Law of Attraction and this was so much fuel for my fire.  I smiled and started to say – “Yes!  That’s because you say that!”

My words trailed off and Adriana poked me, but I wanted him to hear what he was saying.

OK, don’t most of us hear what we are saying?

NO!  Well, we “hear” it, but we don’t understand it.  If we really did, we’d stop saying it.  You know that words, the words we think and say are SO powerful.  I didn’t know how powerful they were – I mean, I’ve written to you many times before on how critical it is to choose your words.  But there are some scientific studies that I researched and have found dramatic information.

What I want you to do today after reading this is to try your hardest to just listen to what you are saying – to others.  And what you are thinking for yourself.  If you have kids, this is a real eye-opener.  But even if you don’t – you’ll catch yourself being negative without even knowing it.

Instead of saying, “Don’t put that glass there or it will fall off the counter!”  Say, “Put the glass in the middle of the counter so it will be safe.”

See the difference?

OK.  Try it.  It is HARD!

(Oops!  Shouldn’t have said that!)

I have discovered some GREAT ways for you to change your talk and attract the things in your life that you need and want.   And I’ll share that with you, soon.

Talk later,

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