Have You Made Your Choice?

by Dave Jackson

The debates tonight may be the turning point for some.  Have you made your choice?

I have never spoken, that I can remember, about politics – but I’m so uneasy about the general election I just wish there were more choices.  Ever feel that way?  Maybe you feel the same way.

In any case… I don’t believe the debate will be a turning point at all.  But I do believe you should watch it.  I believe you should become involved, if you are a citizen of the United States, in what happens here.  We are now living in a day and age where it is up to us to make sure our freedoms remain free.

So I want you to do one thing – just one thing – be it a bumper sticker, or a phone call, or volunteering somewhere – that is directly involved in the politics of this nation.  Don’t sit this one out.  It’s too important.

And after the election, please make an effort to stand up for something.  Figure out what your principles are and write them down.  Write – I stand for … and I believe that … and fill it out until you’re happy.  If you need some help, go online and look for American principles.

If you want to share some of your principles here – simply comment below.  It’s moderated, so it won’t get out of hand.  Let me know if you stand for … anything.  Do you?

Talk soon,

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