Here’s How You Can Make It This Economy

by Dave Jackson

I am flabbergasted at the news.  CNN reporting some guy took the lives of his family and then himself because he couldn’t find work.  First, I think where our priorities are nowadays.  And then I think the guy could have possibly been mentally ill from any number of things.  There is enough toxin around us to affect our minds.  That, along with influence from media, friends, global events; it’s enough to give you the creeps that this could have happened.

And yet, I know it’s not the end of it.

Listen, people – life is precious – and even if you’re down to your last penny, know that there is someone somewhere who cares about your life.  My first thought would be to go to a local church – seek help from a pastor.

You can let this external drain on your mind drag you down to despair if you want to.  And you can also not buy into the fact that the world is going to h*ll in a hand basket.  It’s a choice.  Maybe you’re too attached to stuff to make it an easy choice.  I don’t expect you to be like Job in the Bible.  And believe me, this ain’t nothin’ like that was.

Still, at first glace, these are trying times.  My word to you is that you can get through this and it can be better than you think by simply believing you are going to be OK.  It is not as horrible as you may think and certainly, these cyclical things come and go.

Here are five tips that will help you make it:

1. Stay away from negative people.  This includes people who you get bad vibes from.
2. Pray.  Ask God to guide you through this time.  He will.
3. Begin a gratitude and abundance journal.  Each night write down what happened that day that you could either be thankful for, or that was abundance!
4. Become the world’s best money steward.  Be frugal and celebrate at your frugalness.
5. Set goals weekly to where you want to be in 6 months.

Take that and really do it.  Rewrite those items and then do them.  You will be SO surprised when you can actually see how things work.

Talk soon,

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