How Much of The Secret Do You Really Believe?

by Dave Jackson

I am really committed this year to give everything I’ve got to be all that I can be.  And as much as that sounds like an Air Force commercial, it’s true.  Things have fallen into place that will make this an exciting decade.

I have started teaching online and at first was having an issue with my PC.  Here’s the deal – the teaching sites I use require that you use a headset.  I’ve tried it both with a headset and without, and the headset really makes a big difference.  These sites don’t have the technology that Skype uses in their software, which I find SO amazing that you can carry out a conversation without a headset, and even walk around the room, and people on the other side of the world can hear you crystal clear.  And yes, I could teach on Skype, which has a nifty interface with PayPal where at the click of a button you can start the clock and charge per hour/minute/etc.

So I’m looking for this USB headset I bought a few years ago at Best Buy that worked so well and makes me sound like the guy that does the promos for the movies.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Rachel and I zoomed off to Best Buy to buy a new set.  Microsoft has this Windows Live Messenger headset that I knew I wouldn’t have to install all the software that comes with it.  Should work as a nice USB headset.

It didn’t.

When I did install all the assorted software, that makes it work well with Live Messenger, it did work, but…for some reason on my PC there was this big delay in the audio.

Now, when I recorded my last lessons for with a USB headset, it worked well.  No delay.  But I was running Windows Vista, and granted my PC is a few years old, no USB 2.0, nothing fancy, and it worked great.

On this recent attempt, I was running Windows 7 Beta.  My son gets these beta copies and off we go.  Like anyone, I Googled why a USB mic would be delayed in Windows 7.  And there are so many reasons, but I felt mine was because of my old PC and a new OS.  Old sound card.

While getting the real Windows 7, I went through the whole list of backing up my software and files, and installing everything fresh.  I love that it happened at the end of the year.  I love new beginnings.  I love new days, Mondays, new slates.

When looking for software, I found my CD of The Secret.  I started listening to it, again.  Wow.  I thought back on things and realized that the Law of Attraction is real and that it happens whether we think it does or not.

But I know everyone doesn’t buy into The Secret, and I want to know what you think about it.  Do you believe everything, or do you pick and choose the things that you believe work for you?  And has The Secret helped you in any way?  If so, how?

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Juan Carlos Cabrera January 3, 2010 - 9:03 am

The Law of Attraction is real even if we do not know it or believe it. Twenty years ago while my wife and me lived in Cuba and it was almost impossible to leave the country, we decided to start imagining ourselves living in United States. Before we knew it we were able to get a visa to live in Costa Rica and few months later we were living in United States.

When we view the Secret we realized that what we did at that time was putting in practice The Law of Attraction.

Now that we know about The Law of Attraction, we put it in practice and we also found that you have to take action; Massive amount of action in order to fulfill your desires.

Juan Carlos Cabrera
Oikos Realty – Broker/Owner

Dr. David January 4, 2010 - 6:16 pm

The movie ‘The Secret’ and the Law Of Attraction is REAL. HOWEVER, the problem was, the movie FAILED to mention that it was only an INTRODUCTION to the Law Of Attraction. There is a lot more information which was LEFT OUT. As a result, it understandably caused many to label it as untrue and fake. All the teachers from the ‘The Secret’ admitted that much was missing from the movie. One the teachers named Bob Proctor has another course he offers called the 11 Forgotten Laws of which, the Law Of Attraction is only ONE of the laws. Dr. Robert Anthony refused to be featured in the movie altogether because he felt the movie was incomplete.
If you’re given instructions on how to put something together, but you’re missing at least 2/3 of the information, how could it be possible to do it correctly? That’s what happened with the movie ‘The Secret’.
Another problem with the movie was that it leads one to believe that all you need to do is to think about what you want and POOF, it shows up. Again, that’s NOT how it happens. The movie is just what it is, a movie and it really glorified the process.
The steps to successfully using the Law Of Attraction is: THOUGHT, emotion, belief(faith), and ACTION. Let me repeat, ACTION. Look at the last 6 letters of the of the word attraction. It is ACTION. You CANNOT just sit around and think of what you want and expect it to appear. You have to take the necessary PHYSICAL ACTION for you to receive what you want. Thought initiates the attraction process, and ACTION completes it. That critical part of the process was completely omitted from the movie.
So to summarize, the movie and the Law Of Attraction is real, you just need to study more into it by reading up, learn it’s inner workings, and take the necessary physical steps to bring you closer towards what you want.

Dr. David 🙂


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