How to Acquire Wisdom

by Dave Jackson

How to Find WisdomI used to think the best thing I could do is gain knowledge and do my very best to keep up with technology. But I’ve found out the hard way that knowledge isn’t so important in God’s economy. Solomon was right! What the Lord really values is wisdom – Proverbs 8:11. Can you for a moment play like you’re God and try to view your situation the way He sees it? And naturally, God evaluates everything according to biblical principles. That is how He sees ME.

So, tells, O smart Solomon… HOW DO I GET WISE?!!? Well, wow…it doesn’t take reading too much in his most popular book, the Proverbs, to find out that – hey… ya gotta SEEK it. Proverbs 2:1-7

This fall I’ve watched someone very close to me keep claiming they want something – over and over – but they do little to actually make it happen. Opportunity abounds for them to simply make the change, and yet, they feel some great miracle is going to happen. It’s the same with me seeking wisdom. Oh yeah, I want it – but do I actually do anything to make it happen?

Wisdom is a treasure. What do we do to find treasure? Hope a miracle will happen and change my circumstance? NO! We actively pursue it and carefully get from it what it offers!

The first source is the Bible. Proverbs teaches me that I should pay attention to God’s life-giving words and hold His commands in my heart. Proverbs 4:20-22. You know why memorizing His commands is so important? Because when you hear them from anyone else, they put THEIR twist on it!

The only way to know the RIGHT perspective, GOD’S, is to read His Word and apply HIS principles. Proverbs 8:33

And another source of wisdom is the counsel of godly men and women, Proverbs 12:15. I’ve experienced it so many times where God brings fellow believers into our lives to offer biblical advice, encouragement or reproof. As a matter of fact, people who ignored the words of a righteous person in Proverbs are labeled as FOOLS! Well, I don’t wanna be foolish. So I try to surround myself with other followers of Jesus who…guess what…are seeking wisdom as their treasure as well.

Hey, God tells me if I go after it, I’ll find it – Proverbs 8:12, 17. Diligent followers will find they possess abundant treasure along with godly insight, and get knowledge and discernment – and prudence. Wow – ha! That is SO rare to find nowadays.

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