How to Have Incredible Patience

by Dave Jackson
The road to Patience

The road to PatienceIf you haven’t noticed yet, your life is a series of habits you’ve created based on values handed down or created. If you pause for a moment and take a look at what has happened so far in your day, you’ll see that it’s a true reflection of those habits and values.

I could go into my thoughts on how to have an outstanding life. Most people want that, but because we are humans, the price we have to pay to get there is overwhelming, and not immediately gratifying, so we give up. Ah…patience needed for that.

So how do you get patience? You have to be rewarded for it. It’s learned, like any other value you have. But you have to have clear some parameters. In other words, set criteria where you will say – I will be patient until this level of pain.

There will be a point where you must decide if there is a benefit in being so patient. Consider the long-term implications of being patient for something. What benefit will it bring you, or what benefit will it give you?

You will not be patient long for someone else’s benefit.

It must bring something to you and that value is what you must focus on. Write it on your heart. Make it alive in you. But remember – it has to have a real value or you’re going to be disappointed and in the future, “not so patient.”

So let’s take an example.

Say you have a friend who you lent money to and they are going to pay it back. Now, you value this friendship very much. This person has meant a lot to you and you want to keep them as a friend for a long time; perhaps forever.

How long should you wait for them to repay you – once they’ve worn out their “soon as possible” time frame?

Here is where you have to sit down and measure how much you “value” the friendship. Say we’re talking about a significant amount of money.

Keep that value high in your mind when you want to pick up that phone and give them a piece of your mind – or worse – simply “brew” about it and start thinking how irresponsible and horrible they are. That just sucks energy from you. Be patient. Practice it and put the value in front of you. Wait. Hang in there.

And when it’s time to let go, you’ll know in your heart you did all you could to be patient with this person and you won’t beat yourself up for the loss.

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