How to Welcome 2010

by Dave Jackson

Wow, this year has flown by!  I mean, really… and I look back over it and I always do this – I think if I’m working the same challenges I did this time last year.

If there is one single piece of advice that I could give you to make 2010 even better than 2009, it would be to feverishly journal everything you do.  I mean how can you – with the mind we have – keep tabs on how your life is going if you don’t grade it as you go and review it.  We’re we taught that in school?

And if not in school, certainly that’s the way the teacher keep tabs on us throughout the year.  The reason why is because it works.

So take this time in these next few days and buy yourself a nice journal for the new year.  I use composition books because I can carry those around and leave them for my kids when I move along.  Make it a fun thing.  I write something every night.

And don’t forget to look back on what you’ve written.  See what makes you tick.  You’d be surprised!  Fine tune your results into a wonderful life.

Have you ever journaled?  What did it give you?

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Juan Carlos Cabrera December 31, 2009 - 9:02 am


Thank you for this great advice. My first journal was giving to me as a present from my Mentor Omar Periu. It is amazing what a journal can do for you.

Happy New Year!

Juan Carlos Cabrera
Oikos Realty


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