Gun Deaths and Control in America

by David Jackson
Prosperity and God

Just a little tidbit I just came across. Man shot dead in broad daylight on south-east London street. But then you see this and yes I’m aware that London has a great number of murders involving knives. Boy, 16, charged with murder over east London stabbing. But the number of victims per incident is far lower than if the assailant had a gun especially a high power rifle.

The death follows a number of fatal gun attacks in the capital this year, while 15 people were killed in shootings in London over 2018 – the highest yearly toll for a decade.

Excuse me? Say again? One Five? 15 people is your highest death toll by guns in 10 years?

New York city which has about the same population of 8-9 million people has an estimated 900 firearm related deaths each year, this includes suicide, which I’m not sure the London stat did. Regardless the sheer difference in those numbers says to me we’re doing something wrong here.

But then I see articles that try to rebuttal with their version of stats. Since most people will usually just read a headline, these ‘facts’ are skewed. (FBI Stats Show Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close)

Read carefully. Knives vs. Rifles. This doesn’t include handguns which kill far more than knives. It’s not even close.

I love when they hand pick the stats. Although I give them credit for explaining the not including handguns in the article.

So following this while I was trying to get 2018 stats for Dallas, I came upon an article stating: In 1996, under pressure from the N.R.A., Congress stripped the C.D.C. of its budget to study the health effects of shootings and prohibited the agency from advocating or promoting gun control.
🤦‍♂🤯😮 Are you kidding me?

The incredible power the NRA yields in our government is just insane.

Screw background checks and licensing laws that obviously don’t prevent guns from ending up in criminals hands. In Texas there are so many loopholes around these laws that they don’t matter. Plus criminals can get their hands on any of the hundreds of thousands of firearms stolen each year from irresponsible owners.

There is no solution. Gun control is an impossible dream. We’re too far down the rabbit hole. There are too many guns in this country so any law would probably take hundreds of years to fix this.

The problem has crossed international borders as well. Over half the guns confiscated in Mexico are registered from Texas (thanks in part to smuggling stings that didn’t work put on by the DEA, yep the DEA supplied weapons to the cartels from Texas). And I’m sure our guns end up in Canada too.

So I guess I’m just venting and not providing a solution as I don’t see one. Just wanted to share an already widely known slice of information.

Gun death tolls for 2016: Brazil was 43,200, the US 37,200, Mexico 15,400, Colombia 13,300, Venezuela 12,800, and Guatemala 5,090. Collectively, these countries made up less than 10 percent of the global population but 50.5 percent of the world’s gun deaths, the study found.

Just under Brazil.

Those aren’t countries we can usually compare ourselves too. EXCEPT in Gun Violence and Prison Incarceration Rates…. 🙁

Wow if these numbers are correct, that’s really sad.

And yet despite the severity, the main story being advertised on the site is Miss Brasil 2019: veja fotos e conheça todas as candidatas. What is wrong with us?

I can’t help but kinda laugh at the absurdity.

Brazil paper publishes gay kiss illustration in censorship row.

Because believe it or not banning a book based on a drawing of 2 men kissing will prevent all homosexuality in the country!

I had no idea I was gay until I saw that picture! Now I have a sudden urge to kiss boys!

Give me a break….. Living in a world of absurdity.

In fact, Absurdity is my word of the day.

Focus on the task at hand, which for him is recruiting people into his belief system to save their wretched souls, his job shouldn’t be worrying about banning books. Homosexuality isn’t going away just as heterosexuality isn’t. His flock is not forced to buy that book, they have the right to not buy anything they deem unfit for their morals and values.

These people are always going on and on about how people are trying to force them to accept this or that, or just overall persecuting them and their system of beliefs, way of life, and right to congregate.

But time and time again I see it is they who are constantly trying to infringe on the rights of anyone that doesn’t follow their doctrine.

I don’t follow the Christian right or any of their publications so if any one has examples of the persecutions they face brought about by the homosexual community I wouldn’t mind seeing those.

I’m always trying to maintain an open mind to all. And use my personal logic and experiences. I am in no way unbiased. I believe we are all biased. Its silly to say we aren’t somewhat controlled by our beliefs and aren’t judgemental some of the time. But we can try to be fair and understanding. Like Fox News, fair and balanced haha.

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