Jermaine Jones Cut from American Idol

by Dave Jackson
Jermaine Jones American Idol

Okay, this is just crazy. Here, one of the more gentle guys on the show, seemingly with a tender heart – but not one of my favorite singers – got the boot on American Idol recently because he hid some of his shady past. The producers said they can’t have anyone with a criminal record on the show – and Jermaine Jones has four outstanding warrants.

Why he said nothing? He said he was afraid that people would judge him on his past and that the songs he had would not be appreciated if he had told anyone about his criminal record. Still, it did eventually catch up with him and they told him that sorry…he must leave, and he did.

So now the American Idol producers said they are hiring a security firm to perform checks on the contestants. You can be sure they performed them on all of the remaining ones. Not that anything could happened with Jermaine Jones but it does sort of open the door to just anyone if you know they don’t really check you that well.

God is the final judge and He knew we would be all about judging people so much that He wrote a bunch of times in His Word about rushing to put people in their place. You probably judge Jermaine right now – but that’s not really good because God told us to let Him judge.

One thing I like to hear from the producers was that it is what kids/people go through in this day and age and Jermaine’s biggest mistake was that he didn’t disclose these issues. They might have been able to help him. Hope he gets help now.

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