Jessica Sanchez Saved American Idol

by Dave Jackson

Jessica Sanchez American IdolBy now you know I watch American Idol. It is an interesting mix of raw talent and sheer luck and equals adrenaline to me. I love this kind of show where the outcome does not lie in one given. Yes, baby, you can sing…but will America assume you don’t need them to get their hind ends off the sofa to vote for you. Worse, they’re probably watching with their smart phone close by – i.e. they could vote if they wanted to.

And tonight’s show was pure craziness. The girl I thought was one of the best in the competition – I’ll admit, she doesn’t have much of a personality – was at the bottom of the 11 person heap this week. Why?

Who knows, but it was a shocker for me and everyone except Ryan Seacrest. Naturally, we sat there and thought – they will use the save on Colton, Joshua, and Jessica. So yes – without hesitation – even breaking up her save song – they gave her the once a season save…sorta like having the Immunity Idol on Survivor.

What is next? Jessica – I predict – will not win. It’s obvious she doesn’t have the numbers. But here’s something you may not know:

Philippinos get a lot of their culture from the Spanish. And given that I was raised in South America, I can say I know Spanish culture all too well.

The community that loves her so much didn’t vote for her out of laziness. I can hear them now – oh, she’s so good – I don’t need to vote.

Expect her never to fall down to that level again for…awhile anyway.

Next week Hollie will go home, or Alise.  Until then, Jessica…gain some social skills and keep wowing us with your vocal dexterity.

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